Munster Technological University (MTU)

Munster Technological University (MTU) is a technological university serving the South-West region of Ireland. MTU has an extensive and impressive regional footprint with six campuses across the counties of Cork and Kerry, and a student body of 18,000, a staff in excess of 2000 offering more than 140 study programmes. MTU was formed in January 2021 through the amalgamation of Cork Institute of Technology and Kerry Institute of Technology.









The Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering is located within the Faculty of Engineering. Our research wing is the Nimbus Research Centre which is the largest research group in Ireland with a focus on Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) and the Internet of Things (IoT).


In addition to the Nimbus Research Centre, the Dept. of Electrical & Electronic Engineering is involved in research projects to enhance the teaching and learning experience of students. A current focus is on enhancing the practical or laboratory experience and we are collaborating on a number of EU Erasmus+ projects including RE-OPEN and Home Electronics Laboratory Platform (HELP). The HELP project focuses on providing low-cost versatile take-home kits to enable students to complete practical work in home settings.

The Department of Electrical & Electronic Eng. also manages the RES2020 Hybrid Microgrid that consists of a 25kWp PV in mixed configuration, 3kW wind generator and 50kWh battery storage. The system has a SCADA interface and is fully instrumented for data collection and control system test.

MTU is a partner in the EU Interreg Energy Community Co-operatives (ECCO) project which aims to accelerate the development of energy community cooperatives both in effectiveness and numbers. MTU has been involved in creating an online support platform for community energy as part of the ECCO project. The platform boasts a page dedicated to social connections with other energy community members, relevant resources and bespoke tools to assist with project development along with a forum space.

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