The RE-OPEN community aims to promote the project dissemination and multiplication effects to guarantee the maximum impact and the exploitation of results to the target users and the large public audience. The RE-OPEN community involves teachers, academics, educational experts and educational managers, in order to enable collaboration beyond the end of the project. Multiplication effects based on stakeholder and user ownership of the outputs and the RE-OPEN community among users and target group members who express satisfaction with the outputs are encouraged to become involved in their further dissemination and/or application and to encourage other potential users within their institutions. The RE-OPEN community is also enriched with the exploitation of the already existing networks of universities and professors from previous initiatives in which the partners have been involved. The bootstrapping of the RE-OPEN community is reached thanks to the:

Arrangement of Multiplier Events

Networking and synergies with other EU projects

Promotion of the project through Erasmus+ platform, EPALE platform and ResearchGate

RE-OPEN Social networks