On Thursday November 18, our partner Macarena Martínez Luna (UHU), introduced RE-OPEN project at Sciencity 2021 event. She talked about the project progress and achieved milestones. YT live broadcast of the event allowed all project partners to follow her presentation.

Press below to watch the presentation recording.


In the framework of USIA Erasmus plus project USGM arranged three days online training 2-4 February 2022. The webinars arranged by USGM are focused on Guglielmo Marconi University experience on higher education relationship. In this framework Susanna Correnti presented the RE-OPEN project.

Press below to see the presentation.

RE-OPEN: The e-learning module based on renewable energies is validated by the European Universities network

The European network RE-OPEN (REmote labOratories for Practical Experiments on renewable energies at EU uNiversities), co-financed by the Erasmus+ Programme, has successfully concluded the thirth meeting (11-12, May 2022) at Munster Technological University at Cork- Irland. This has been the fourth meeting face to face.

The first one on May in Rome (30 – 31, May 2022), where the Intellectual Outputs 2-4 were discussed. In this second meeting face to face in Wien, in October, it was evaluated the progress in setting up the remote lab by each participant university.

In this last meeting, the European network has tested and validated the e-learning platform. The e-learning platform is made by five modules. Module 1: Photovoltaic U – I characteristics curve developed by University of Applied Sciences Technikum Wien from Austria; Module 2: Identification of fan – and- plate system, built by Munster Technological University from Ireland; Module 3: CO2 heat pump with a heated room and Rankine cycle, at Norwegian University of Science and Technology from Norway; Module 4: Charge and discharge of low-power ultracapacitors, from Guglielmo Marconi University at Italy and Module 5: Test bench of high-power supercapacitors power bank built University of Huelva, from Spain.

The operation of the RE-OPEN e-learning platform where the remote laboratories are hosted has also been tested by students and professors. After the meeting, all the partners visited the laboratory Munster Technological University.

RE-OPEN project will run for 2 years (2021-2023) and is made up of a consortium of EU universities and companies. There are 5 participating universities from 5 Member States, specialized in training in energy technologies that have already adopted innovative training methodologies. The participating EU universities are: Universitá degli Studi Guglielmo Marconi from Italy as coordinator, Fachhochschule Technikum Wien from Austria, Munster Technological University from Ireland, Norwegian University of Science and Technology from Norway, the University of Huelva from Spain. Additionally, the project includes the ICT company VJ Technology from Italy.